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  To transcribe in priority for you in the Amadeus notation all the scores or pieces which are not yet available in our catalogue.

We transcribe as well the pieces with author's rights - when the composer is dead less than 70 years ago.

Indeed, the Amadeus notation is protected by a patent. As owners of this patent, we in priority are entitled to transcribe and edit musical pieces in the Amadeus notation and consequently we can answer only favorably to any transcription request, even the ones concerning musical pieces which are protected by author's rights.

For the payement of author's rights, which remain due, the beneficiaries or the composers concerned will be contacted and an agreement will be reached to this effect with the "Vent d'Oeuvres Publishing".

Nota : We remind all composers and music-publishers that the Amadeus notation is in free use. You can then yourself -or through Vent d'Oeuvres Publishing- as a company or a private individual, to make transcribe one or more of all your protected pieces.

In this case, you become the owner of the transcription, which will be added free of charge to our catalogue with your address. You can equally put them on sale at our Internet site, which then will have the status of a simple reseller.

For more information on the subject, please contact us.


►►Steps to obtain an Amadeus translation◄◄


1. Fill the order form

 You can print the "order form" (PDF type) by clicking on the menu here-above.

"Order form" for an Amadeus translation


While observing the section mentionned in the order form, you can equally place your order through the E-mai, to the following address :


2. Make a partial payment

From the moment we receive your order form signed and dated -fax or by post sending, we will send you an offer which you will receive immediately.

Then you will pay directly through your web site with your credit card (secure payment) a partial or total payment on the price of the translation. Price of a transcription - variable according to the complexity of the piece: Start at 1 Euro / page.

We remind you that your payement is highly secured, with the collaboration of one of the most important virtual banks on Internet. Your transaction is secured. You can in all safety give us your credit card number.

You have in all cases the possibility if you wish, to send us money through a banking check or banking transfer.

You will receive with our offer a time limit for carrying out,  about ten days -starting at the moment we will receive you instalment- if your order is limited to few pages and a date for payment.


3. Sending the transcription

The transcription is now ready for sending. We inform you by E-mail or fax. We ask you at this moment to send us the balance of your order. As soon as we will receive your money, your order will be mailed to you through the regular postal services. If you wish an express mailing  thank you for mentioning it.


To pay with your credit card and/or to see our bank account number and location, please click on the link "Contact / Adress" .


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In connection with Amadeus notation

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