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◙ Chopin's coming back / CD audio "Romantica"

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In connection with Amadeus notation

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Welcome to our musical site...


   Some pianists have devoted their life for the music and the music composition. Teen, twenty, even fifty years of intense creativity are sometimes rewarded through the discoveries of many masterpieces.

   We propose to you to discover here these masterpieces, with audio extracts and scores.


Services proposed on your site :


 We have selected for you ♥♥♥...
Among the 200.000 titles that you can find on some catalogue (!) the most famous pieces of the piano music, classic + jazz.


Now 500 titles available
From very easy  to very difficult level
- 500 currently available titles on our catalogue, with many new pieces as novelty / exclusiveness. Each tilte is separatly available.


Easy choice

-  Make researches with the composer name, the title of the piece, the difficulties, the subject (classic, jazz, traditional, 2 or 4 hands), novelty / exclusiveness etc..

 - You can visualize the first page of each score and/or listen a 30 seconds audio extract.

-  The difficulty of each piece is indicated.


Scores written with Amadeus notation

 All our scores are proposed in two different musical notations: The traditional notation, the notation Amadeus. The amadeus notation, 100% compatible with the traditional notation, allow you to decipher or learn a piano piece until 3 time faster, in regard to the difficulties of the piece.

Nota :

For the downloaded partitions, the versions of the two notations "tradidional and "Amadeus" are sent toghether, without additional charge! Compare and make your choice…


Secure payement

Secured payment available with credit card, from the site.


Amadeus translation service
For all pieces not available in our catalogue.


Amadeus transcription service  
Do you have a CD audio and a beautiful pieces, do you want to play it ourself but the score is not available ? No problem. Send us you audio file and we realize for you the score note by note !


Amadeus notation for your compostion
Amadeus is free in use for all people or society


 Conception,  creation,  realization
Upon request, conception and realization of unpublished musical pieces of good quality -all style, with the collaboration of Dominique Loup.


Improvised music...


◙ Chopin's coming back / CD audio "Romantica"

◙ Catalogue

In connection with Amadeus notation

Amadeus translation service

Contact / Adress