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During any game involving the Pittsburgh Steelers , there is a sea of black and gold towels waving throughout the stands. What creates this colorful vision? The Terrible Towel. In 1975, The Terrible Towel® was created by the Steelers late broadcaster Myron Cope to inspire fan involvement in a playoff game against the then Baltimore Colts. Decades later, The Terrible Towel® remains a Steelers fan essential. And for more than 20 years, the sale of any The Terrible Towel® product benefits the individuals supported by Merakey Allegheny Valley School (Merakey AVS). In 1996, Myron Cope gave the ownership of The Terrible Towel® trademark to Merakey AVS. Since then, the royalties from the sale of all officially licensed "Terrible Stuff" (including towels, ties, ornaments, lapel pins, flags, bibs, cookies, temporary tattoos and more) have come to us. Long time friend to Merakey AVS Myron Cope passed away in February 2008. Myron’s involvement with Merakey AVS stretched more than a quarter century beginning when his son became a resident of Merakey AVS. "The Terrible Towel’s long history and the spirit it brings to the Steelers Nation is phenomenal," states Merakey Allegheny Valley School’s Executive Director, Development Communications Dorothy Hunter Gordon. "What many may not know is that the sale of every officially licensed Terrible Towel item helps the vulnerable throughout Pennsylvania. Merakey Allegheny Valley School is eternally grateful for the legacy Myron Cope has entrusted to us." When the Steelers play, fans around the world enthusiastically wave The Terrible Towel®. And they buy more "Terrible Stuff." Since 1996, Merakey AVS has realized more than $5 million from officially licensed The Terrible Towel® products. The funds that Merakey AVS receives from The Terrible Towel® are used to cover costs such as equipment, program development and renovations to our facilities. The Terrible Towel® directly helps to improve the quality of life for the people with IDD who are served by Merakey AVS. You can cheer on the Steelers and also support Merakey AVS by purchasing Myron Cope's Official The Terrible Towel® products. To order call 1-800-832-6883 or order online at nike air max 1 white red og yLHH1vw
. All officially licensed products contain a tag that identifies that a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the item will benefit Merakey Allegheny Valley School. If you see a The Terrible Towel® product for sale and it does not include this tag, it may be unlicensed. If you spot a product without the tag, please contact Dorothy Hunter Gordon at or 412-299-7777 with the details.

WATCH: The company is now offering customers a discount on replacement batteries. CBS News' Danielle Nottingham reports.

A few months after Apple came under fire for buy nike air max 97 country camo pictures
, an update has been released which allows users to disable that feature.

The update is called iOS 11.3, which users can download by navigating to “Settings” on their mobile devices, selecting “General,” and then selecting “software update.” To take advantage of the new battery-saving feature, after installing the latest iOS update, navigate to “Settings,” select “Battery,” and then tap “Battery Health.”

Apple has released an iOS update, iOS 11.3, which allows users to monitor the battery health of their device and turn off “performance management” if they choose.

The feature, as you’ll notice when you follow these steps, is still in beta. Users will see a measurement of their batteries’ capacity compared to when it was new, displayed as apercentage. In addition, users have the option to turn off Apple’s “performance management” battery feature – otherwise known as the mechanism through which Apple can throttle the battery power on your phone.

“Users can now see if the power management feature that dynamically manages maximum performance to prevent unexpected shutdowns, first introduced in iOS 10.2.1, is on and can choose to turn it off,” nike free 50 tr fit 4 print pink 84oaUvYdl

WATCH: Class-action lawsuit filed against Apple following admission it slows down aging iPhones

Apple has noted in the past that this feature would only kick in if a phone with a weakened battery were to unexpectedly crash. USA Today reports that users whose phone batteries are in a reduced state of operation (battery power can only operate at a lower capacity compared to when the phone was purchased), will receive a message to inform them that the device’s performance is being managed to prevent unexpected shutdowns.

While the new update offers users the option to disable performance management, Apple recommends that iPhone owners leave the feature on.

WATCH: Apple admits it slows down older iPhones

These features are available for phones which were impacted by throttling in the first place;iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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