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pp. 95-96

Sometimes the world of things has something to say. Randall Jarrell wrote that stream water made a sound that was like a spoon or glass breathing.

In fantasy I’m a hermit. I live in a hut and my poems are my prayers. But in life my “home office” buzzes and dings with computer and printer. I’m a person—writer, teacher, editor—who’s too busy, overscheduled, often interrupted, and seldom caught up. Perhaps that explains why I crave quietness. Or could be it’s a common human craving. I like the idea of quietly writing at a heavy oak desk, the oak heavy enough, thick enough, solid enough to emit quietness.

Quietness is simpler than silence. Or perhaps simple is not the word I want. It’s more familiar, more homey. A quiet night at home might include washing the dishes and reading by the fire. It might include quiet music, quiet conversation, quietly sitting. A quiet day might be a day of cooking and gardening. It might include sweeping the sidewalk.

Silence is more forbidding, perhaps a bit fearsome. A silent night is a holy night. There is such a thing as getting the silent treatment. You can be greeted with a stony silence. To be silent means to refrain from speech. To be silenced is to be repressed, suppressed, censored, shut up.

To be quieted is to be calmed down. The Anglo-Norman and Middle French root of quiet ( quiete ) contains quietude—tranquility.

There are artists who capture quietness in their works, and gazing at their works quiets the mind. One reason I like going to art museums is to quiet my mind. I like going alone, and I may not stay for long.

Here at Seattle’s Henry Gallery, I stand before a large-format photograph (four by five feet) of a dry West Texas landscape. A barnyard, fenced with a rough-stick coyote fence, gated with a wide-swinging barnyard gate. An expanse of gravel and dry grass. The vast Texas sky. Closeup, a truck fragment—tire, chrome fender, a blur of red. A shed, shot from ground level, with the rippled roof-edge evidence of corrugated tin. On this dry ground sits a tiny (life-sized) brown-capped bird. The sun is hot. It is quiet, very quiet. You have entered this quiet country, and you see it through the bird’s eye. The photographer, Jean-Luc Mylayne, will spend two or three months to get such a picture. All twentythree of these large-format “landscapes with human traces” include a small bird. Mylayne chooses a spot where birds flock, chooses a particular bird for his subject, and allows the flock to get used to his presence and equipage. He names his large-format photographs according to the time spent—“No. 198 January February 2004.”

Generated POMs can be found in <buildDir>/poms . They can be further customized via the MavenPom API. For example, you might want the artifact deployed to the Maven repository to have a different version or name than the artifact generated by Gradle. To customize these you can do:

Example: Customization of pom

To add additional content to the POM, the pom.project builder can be used. With this builder, any element listed in the Maven POM reference can be added.

Example: Builder style customization of pom

Note: groupId , artifactId , version , and packaging should always be set directly on the pom object.

Example: Modifying auto-generated content

If you have more than one artifact to publish, things work a little bit differently. See nike air max 2013 sale uk letter

To customize the settings for the Maven installer (see discount nike air max uk cheap
), you can do:

Example: Customization of Maven installer

Maven can only deal with one artifact per project. This is reflected in the structure of the Maven POM. We think there are many situations where it makes sense to have more than one artifact per project. In such a case you need to generate multiple POMs. In such a case you have to explicitly declare each artifact you want to publish to a Maven repository. The nike air max max mix 2017
and the MavenInstaller both provide an API for this:

Example: Generation of multiple poms

You need to declare a filter for each artifact you want to publish. This filter defines a boolean expression for which Gradle artifact it accepts. Each filter has a POM associated with it which you can configure. To learn more about this have a look at PomFilterContainer and its associated classes.

The Maven plugin configures the default mapping between the Gradle configurations added by the Java and War plugin and the Maven scopes. Most of the time you don’t need to touch this and you can safely skip this section. The mapping works like the following. You can map a configuration to one and only one scope. Different configurations can be mapped to one or different scopes. You can also assign a priority to a particular configuration-to-scope mapping. Have a look at nike air force 1 x supreme lv denim parka
to learn more. To access the mapping configuration you can say:

Convergence provides unprecedented TRANSPARENCY and INSIGHTS into what is taking place DAILY in an industry that has gone mainstream.


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