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2-String Kites work similar to Skyscrapers: One of the two ends of the strings must be true.

Left example: Candidate is 5. The first string is in column 7 (candidates r29c7), the other is in row 8 (candidates r8c49). The end points r9c7 and r8c9 are both in box 9. If r2c7 is not true, then r9c7 has to be true, r8c9 has to be false, and r8c4 has to be true. If r8c4 is not true, the same argument leads to r2c7 true. Either way r2c4, that sees both r2c7 and r8c4, cannot be true.

Right example: Candidate 9, strings r6c16 and r47c2, connected in box 4: r7c6 cannot be 9.

Sometimes the same two connecting candidates in the common box can be tied two four different strings, forming effectively two 2-String Kites, that eliminate two candidates. Those two 2-String Kites can be considered to be one move only and can be called Dual 2-String Kite. HoDoKu supports dual forms only as an option (they can always be replicated by the two kites that build the dual form).

Left example: The common candidates are r1c3 and r3c1 in box 1. The two kites that can be built with them are: r1c38/r36c1 (r6c8<>1) and r3c19/r14c3 (r4c9<>1).

Right example: Common candidates r7c2 and r9c1 in box 7. Kites: r29c1/r7c28 (r2c8<>4) and r17c2/r9c19 (r1c9<>4).

A Turbot Fish is really a chain and not a fish. For a detailled description of the various techniques and terms regarding chains please see Chains: Introduction .

A Turbot Fish is an air jordan spizike black red yellow flag
that is exactly four candidates long. Various shapes can be built with such a chain. One of them resembles a fish, which gave the technique its name (look at the right example: draw two lines from the red candidate to the nearest green and blue candidates to see the fish shape).

Turbot Fishes have gone a bit out of style. One of the reasons is, that most of the principle turbot patterns have been described as seperate patterns with their own names: Skyscraper, 2-String Kite and Empty Rectangle (only two candidates in the empty rectangle itself).

The examples above show two of the possibilities: On the left is an Empty Rectangle, on the right a 2-String Kite.

The examples above: On the left a Skyscraper, on the right an Empty Rectangle again (the right example really contains a Dual Empty Rectangle)

Empty Rectangles have been used in lots of different forms in very advanced techniques. The pattern described here is a very basic variant.

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/ Dining / California Market Buffet

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to view our lunch menu.

Presenting authentic culinary experiences with hosted themed dinner buffets every day of the week! Click each day to view the complete menu.

Monday – Taste of Italy

Tuesday- International BBQ

Wednesday – Seafood Buffet

Thursday – Mexican Fiesta

Friday Saturday – Prime Rib and Crab Legs

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– Champagne Brunch

The bounty and diversity of California’s cultural heritage is brought to life as the California Market Buffet serves both traditional and regional cuisine from all around our valley. Featuring regional specialties prepared with ingredients harvested from the riches of our golden state, the restaurant changes its menu four times a year to ensure that wholesome seasonal ingredients are included in the fare. California Market Buffet has something for everyone.

Lunch has a large variety of dishes which include carved smoked brisket, glazed ham and roasted breast of turkey, rotisserie chicken, seafood and a large variety of traditional all American dishes and comfort home style foods. Serving items such as Fisherman’s Wharf clam chowder, Coarsegold BBQ ribs, fried chicken, Western beans, San Francisco China Town fried rice and corn on the cob. A bountiful cold station featuring, chilled shrimp, fresh fruits and salads. The dessert bakery features a display of assorted cakes, pies and pastries which include a sugar free selection. Freshly baked cookies, homemade bread pudding, fruit cobblers, apple and key lime pie give memories of Mom’s kitchen. Guests can also build their own ice cream sundaes.


Dinner Dinner includes many of the lunch time favorites along with tri-tip turkey, glazed ham and Mongolian Grill dishes cooked to order, a variety of San Francisco style Chinese wok entrees, fresh seafood from the Pacific seaboard, chilled shrimp, deluxe cakes, pastries and much, much more. A special seafood buffet dinner is featured on Friday and Saturday with carved prime rib and Alaskan crab legs.

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A live performance of any opera is already three-dimensional – unless, somehow, the singers and sets have been seriously flattened. But the opera ‘Sunken Garden’ is often called the ‘3D opera’ because of its unprecedented fusion of live (three-dimensional) singers with film performances and (three-dimensional) digital projections. The groundbreaking work debuted in London, Lyons, then Toronto — and now the Dallas Opera is presenting its US premiere.

But ‘Sunken Garden’ also represents the fusion of two unique, but chiming artistic talents.

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from Michel van der Aa on Vimeo .

You may know British author David Mitchell from his best-selling novels, including ‘The Bone Clocks’ and ‘Cloud Atlas.’ The latter one became a visually dazzling but so-so film in 2012 from the director of ‘The Matrix Trilogy,’ starring Tom Hanks and Hallie Berry. ‘Cloud Atlas’ is a sci-fi-ish epic racing through six different centuries, with characters’ lives interrupting and rippling through each other across time. It’s characteristic of several of Mitchell’s novels in that it’s seriously involved with music — in this case, a forgotten classical work, whose musical themes and form somewhat echo the story’s own intersecting plotlines.

In one scene, Hallie Berry, playing a journalist, has tracked down a vinyl recording of the ‘missing’ classical work: ‘ This is the ‘Cloud Atlas Sextet?’ she asks a record store clerk, played by Ben Wishaw.

‘I doubt there’s more than a handful of copies in all of North America,’ he says.

‘But I know it,’ Berry’s character declares, even though she’s never heard it before — yet will live out its implications in the past and the future. “I know I know it.’

Hallie Berry in the future in the 2012 film, ‘Cloud Atlas.’ Photo: Jay Maidment.

The 49-year-old Mitchell often uses multiple narrators, multiple dimensions like this. He plays with time and mortality, with power and memory — with narrative itself.

So why can’t he just tell a straightforward story?

“To give it a thoughtful answer,” he says, laughing — on the phone from Chicago, “it can’t be straightforward. It’s a re-phrasing in creative writing terms the question, ‘Why are we who we are?’ It actually becomes harder, as your career goes on — if you’re lucky enough to have a career that goes on — to keep out the motifs you find yourself going back to again and again to kickstart a narrative. I’ve got about five or six archetypal themes. Difficulties in communication. Fissures in time and space. Predation. But why this lot, I’m not sure.”

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